Our Mission

Our Mission

Data Science Leuven connects a wide variety of people working with data around Leuven: statisticians, data engineers, data-driven business people, PhD students, researchers both academic and commercial-industrial, product designers, market researchers, … You don’t need to call yourself a ‘data scientist’ to be exactly who we want to meet!

Our aim is twofold:

  1. Inspiration & cross-pollination: bring together different perspectives and expertise, to learn from each other and find the right partners to collaborate with
  2. Help interesting profiles and companies based in Leuven find each other, to promote employment and collaborations around data in Leuven (read: plus reduce time wasted in traffic jams)

How do we want to achieve this?

  • events: evenings with a few short talks around specific topics followed by connecting over drinks in a bar :), workshops, breakfast inspiration sessions, …
  • putting together a list of companies in Leuven with data at their core
  • sharing interesting resources
  • etc.

Upcoming Events

Visit our Meetup page for more information and all upcoming events!

Next up:
Leuven Smart City & Open Data HACKATHON
on 8th-9th June 2018!

Past Events

Past presentations can be found on DSL's slideshare!

Visit our Meetup page for all past meetups.