Who Are We?

Who Are We?

 Kris Peeters – Founder, CEO & Data Engineer @ DataMinded

 Istvan Hajnal – Insights Director Marketing & Data Sciences @ GfK

 Karlijn Willems – Data Science Journalist @ DataCamp

 Jan Vercammen – ‎Data Scientist @ AE

 Linde Vloeberghs – Digital Transformer & Developer

With support of:

  • Bart Baessens – Professor of Big Data & Analytics @ KULeuven, Author and Advisor
  • Geert Loosveldt – Professor at the Center for Sociological Research @ KULeuven

Upcoming Events

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Next up:
Leuven Smart City & Open Data HACKATHON
on 8th-9th June 2018!

Past Events

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